Monday, November 18, 2013


The Taiga Merlin had been visiting my bird feeders for some time.  I never caught more than just a glimpse of him as he zipped, and twisted, and flew between the juniper trees.  I knew he was about the size of a pigeon, and mostly whitish on the underside, and that he was an amazing flyer.  And intelligent. But that was all I knew about him.  He came in fast, which scattered all the birds at the feeders, and he tried to drive them toward the glass patio doors.  When one hit the doors, usually a house sparrow, it was either stunned or killed, and the Merlin would swoop down and pick the bird up, without ever even slowing down.  Yummy lunch!

But this day was different, either the sparrow outmaneuvered him, or he misjudged his flight, because he flew right into the glass door, and he lay on the flagstone looking very dead.



  1. Dear collins, I'm so enjoying your paintings and especially this story of the falcon. So glad it had a happy ending. Xoxox

  2. Thanks a lot Jane. I am really enjoying doing these, and I too am happy with the ending. A tough little bird.