Monday, August 4, 2014

Another sketch from my Oregon trip in June.  Loved, loved the whole trip.  Ashland for sewing and design with Diane Ericson, then up the Oregon coast for my ocean fix, and finally to Portland to fly home.  Perfect weather, great trip.
 Santa Kilim, Canyon Rd., Santa Fe, NM
 Hollyhocks, Canyon Rd., Santa Fe, NM
 Painting on my back Patio
 Back Patio pots
 Playing with new paints
 Seashells and seaweed
New Paints, mostly Schminke with some Daniel Smith

Since I haven't posted for awhile I thought I'd just include some Summer sketches from my sketchbook.  Most of these are drawings with some watercolor added, others are just plain pen and ink, usually Pitt pens in black or brunt sienna.
The paint box is my new fav.  Great metal palette with 12 half pans of paint from Schminke and twelve empty pans to add some of your other favorite colors.  On sale from Wet Paint.  Nice, small palette to add to your travel kit.