Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stellar's Jay

A pair of Stellar's Jays outside my kitchen windows.  I was afraid to move.  They were very skittish, flew and hopped from tree to tree.  Then flew off.  I've caught a glimpse of them a couple more times today.  Maybe they'll get used to the yard and come back to the feeders.  I put out peanuts in the shell for them in the tray feeder, but the Western Scrub Jays steal them quickly and zoom off into the arroyo to bury them.  They're stash!
Funny birds the Western Jays.  There are three or four of them, probably a family.  Very active birds.  They squabble and play and zoom around the area.  They rule the roost - or at least they think they do.  Mostly they're just bigger and aggressive, so the little ones scatter, then come right back.  Not a bit scared, they just don't want to get run over.  It'll be interesting to see how the Stellar's interact with the Western's.  So far they seem very shy.

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