Thursday, February 11, 2016

Well, I finally finished another piece of my 'Bits and Pieces' jewelry, and will add another one that I haven't shown before.  These are fun to make,  but take time and can be a little tedious, so I just do them when the mood, and time, strikes.

 This is the newest piece. It also has a pouch on the back for your glasses, amulet, whatever. ?????
The 'opal' in the center is polymer clay (also made by me) - much more sparkle in person.  Amazingly looks very much like a true opal.  Wonderful things you can do with polymer clay.

This is the other, older piece I mentioned above.  Perhaps it's my bad photography, but this one looks a Lot better in person than in this photo.  (I just got a new iPhone 6S, so hopefully my photos will improve now)

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  1. These are wonderful, Collins. I missed you at DOL!