Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015

I've been stewing all week since getting back from an incredible time in Taos with Diane Ericson and Holly Badgley. As usual, I don't have any large, finished masterpieces from my time there, but my brain has been going round and round, so thought I'd share a few pieces that have been happening.

These two little pieces are what I'll call Bits.  An odd piece of linen, then painted, then I went around and picked up bits and pieces off of the floor.  With twenty women working on fabric stuff, there were a treasure of 'bits' on the floor.  The wrapped piece is a twig from the cottonwood trees around the Mabel Dodge Luhan property where we were staying and working, and the fabric piece an odd piece of linen I had from a vest I had cut out that day.  I felt these bits from all these women of my tribe would form a memory piece from this time and place, and might be incorporated into the vest I was working on.

So, here are two more I have made since coming home.  I'll do more hand stitching on these, and they may also become a pocket, or decoration of some sort on a future garment.

There is some construction work going on at my studio so these are the perfect little things to stitch while chaos is surrounding me for a few days.  It will be great when it's finished though.  New heat/air units - much better than the old, wornout swamp cooler.

These are so much fun to make that I think I will make more.  Just for the fun of it.